About our free services services


The Senior Law Day Collaborative provides free 15-min consultations intended to answer specific questions for Westchester seniors and their families that provide direction on how to take informed actions to address their legal and financial needs. This type of service is referred to as a limited scope consultation – a free consultation by a professional that does not imply a client relationship.  When you register for a consultation, you will be asked to confirm your understanding of this relationship as detailed in this SLD Collaborative Waiver and Consent for Free Consultation.

Additionally, you are welcome to connect directly with any member of the Collaborative for legal or financial services; we can assist in finding a Collaborative member who might specialize in your area of interest.  As with all such relationships, be sure to clarify rates for service before you commit to engage any professional.

The Collaborative is not a legal clinic, which is a type of organization that may be able to represent you for free or on a sliding scale.  However, we can make a referral to one should that be appropriate to your interests and needs. 

In addition to seniorlawday.info, several websites provide information on legal topics that can support you in taking independent action.  We encourage you to explore these resources and to exercise appropriate caution.  In our educational programming, we provide information on when you may wish to engage a professional.  Typically, for documents such as a power of attorney or establishing a trust, i.e., where significant funds or authority is granted to an individual or entity, we recommend you work with a licensed professional. 

Feel free to ask our Collaborative members about what actions you can take on your own with confidence and where additional guidance may be both most cost effective and most needed to assure your goals. this