WORKSHOP 3  12:15 – 1:15

Estate Planning/Elder Law 101: Nuts and Bolts of Estate Planning/Planning to preserve your assets

Presented by: Valorie Joy Promisel, Esq.

Require Care at Home? How to Maximize your Benefits

Presented by: Mikal Ansari, Esq., David Cutner, Esq., Miriam Scholl, MS, CMC

What are the best and most affordable housing option as you age?

Presented by: Neil Rimsky, Esq., Melinda Bellus, Esq., Alexandra Piscionere, Esq., Mark C. Fang, Esq.

Take Charge – Planning in Advance for Your Financial Security, New York State Power of Attorney Law, and the Use of Guardianships

Presented by: Joseph Accetta, Esq., Elizabeth Cumming, Esq.