Workshop Series 2 11:00 – 12:00

Nuts and Bolts of Financial Planning: Making Your Money Last Through Retirement

Presented by: Robert Leitner, CFP

Handouts, Presentation, Other Resources

  1. Retirement Planning Presentation

How Do I Pay for Long-Term Care? Planning With and Without Long-term Care Insurance and Reverse Mortgages

Presented by: Deepankar Mukerji, Esq., Abe Gruenwald

Handouts, Presentation, Other Resources

  1. Paying For Long-Term Care

Should I Use a Will or a Trust:  Who’s Afraid of Probate? What To Do When Someone Dies

Presented by:  Moira Laidlaw, Esq., Sara Meyers, Esq.

This presentation will answer questions relating to probate, what it is and how a Will is declared valid, what assets are governed by your Last Will and Testament, what assets are not governed by your Will, and what legal actions to take after a loved one passes away.

Avoid 10 Greatest Gaffes in Estate Planning:

Update on Estate and Income Tax Laws,

Presented by: Frances Pantaleo, Esq., Kathy Rosenthal, Esq.

Handouts, Presentation, Other Resources

  1. Ten Mistakes of Estate Planning

Getting It Straight: Medicare and the Affordable Care Act

Presented by: Beth Shyken, Esq.

This session will include information on Medicare and the health insurance Marketplaces, the Doughnut Hole, and Medicare-covered preventive services

Planificación de Estado:  Testamentos, Cuidados Médicos y Finanzas

Presented by: Elizabeth Valentin, Esq.

I Don’t Want to Talk About It: The most frequently overlooked aspects of estate planning

Presented by: Mary Beth Morrissey, PhD, MPH, JD.,  Robin Sherwood, CFP

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